Social Security and Medicare

Last December, Republicans in Congress passed a tax bill costing $1.5 trillion over a decade. It provides deep cuts to corporate taxes and delivers windfall gains to profitable firms and wealthy households. It guarantees a ballooning deficit, now at almost $900 billion. Republican leaders promise to fix the deficit by cutting Social Security and Medicare… Read more »

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Democrats: Want Women's Health?

Birth Control

In the past year, the Trump administration has pushed to limit the use of federal funds for birth control services. First, it allowed states to approve insurance plans that don’t cover birth control. Second, it tried to change federal rules to eliminate a guarantee of such services for low-income women. Hiding behind the veil of… Read more »

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Sexual Assault

This most personal kind of crime is among the least reported violence that occurs widely in America, and the way Christine Blasey Ford has been mocked and threatened for reporting her memories about Brett Kavanaugh helps explain why.

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Need Healthcare? Get Off Your Donkey And Vote!


More than 27 million Americans still don’t have any health insurance. This number is up by more than 2.2 million since 2016 and coincides with Republicans repealing the individual health insurance mandate effective in 2019.

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Want better schools? Get Off Your Donkey And Vote!


Less than 34% of eighth graders are proficient in math and reading according to the most recent National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). Rates for students of color and poor students are even worse.

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Want better roads? Get Off Your Donkey And Vote!

Roads and Water

Roads, bridges and waterways are falling apart in the United States. One third of major urban roads in the US need fixing. And one out of five US highway miles are in need immediate repair.

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Care about the environment? Get Off Your Donkey And Vote!


Don’t let the Republicans destroy our environment and our planet with their anti-regulation actions in favor of short-term corporate interests

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