Want better roads? Get Off Your Donkey And Vote!

FACT ONE: Our roads are falling apart.

Roads, bridges and waterways are falling apart in the United States. One third of major urban roads in the US need fixing. And one out of five US highway miles are in need immediate repair.

Photo - cracked road

From Business Insider https://www.businessinsider.com/american-infrastructure-falling-apart-2017-2


FACT TWO: Not everyone has clean water.

63 million Americans were exposed to unsafe drinking water since 2007 – that’s almost 1 in five Americans! Over just the last 6 years, water main breaks – a key source to the problem – are up 27%.  And in 2015 27.6 million people were exposed to water by community water services that had at least one violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act. See the map below.


Chart - Safe Drinking Water Act violations

From https://www.nrdc.org/sites/default/files/threats-on-tap-water-infrastructure-protections-report.pdf


FACT THREE: Democrats Support a Major Infrastructure Project.

Democrats support upgrading our roads, bridges, and water infrastructure.  With the new Senate Democratic plan, fixing our infrastructure will create an estimated 15 million jobs and will help small businesses.  The Senate Democratic plan also improves water ways, rail systems, school infrastructure and airports.  Investment in this area is good for America and good for our health.


Photo of mother and child drinking clean water

Photo credit: Shutterstock


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